November 20, 2009

my soldier

my soldier

November 18, 2009

handsome shack

handsome shack

November 4, 2009

design notebook final

A recent assignment called our "Design Notebook" required us to have 60 good photos, with 8 favorites which we would write paragraphs about.
The paragraphs were to talk about the 8 photos compositionally and based on their design elements.
These were my 8 for my final.
Most of these photos were already on my blog - because, of course, they were my favorites. :-)

‘Puppy Knows’
The main design element in this photograph is the selective focus on the nose of the dog. By using a very large aperture (F2.8), an especially shallow depth of field is created. This pulls the viewer’s eye immediately to the point of highest focus; in this case, the black nose. The upper dark eye and the pink ear create secondary focal points. The viewer’s eye travels along these spots to the tip of the ear, where the eye follows the dark line of the shadow on the textured background. The viewer’s eye travels down and around to the nose again.

‘Sunset Bloom'
In this photograph, radial balance creates a prominent design aspect. From the middle of the flower, the petals radiate outward to lead the viewer’s eyes to the attractive transition from red to yellow. The radiating aspect is reinforced by the diagonal lines along the petals. These lines are also slightly curved which supports the beauty of the flower. The dense, warm colors of the heart of the flower become the center of interest, located in the upper right power point. The intensity of this area is balanced out by the cool green hues on the left edge of the photo.

‘Statuesque Kisses'
Diagonal lines and selective focus are the main design elements from this photo. The diagonal lines add movement to the photo. Especially, the diagonal line of the hand adds movement where action is implied. The viewer then gets a greater feeling of a kiss being blown. The split lighting adds dimension and moodiness to the photograph. The shallow depth of field brings the viewer’s eye to the eyes and mouth of the statue. The out of focus texture in the background adds an interesting aspect, yet keeps the focus on the center of interest.

‘Petal Decline’

Balance is an important design element in this photograph. The center of interest, in the upper right power point, is where the viewer’s eye goes first. Although the flower center is one of the few objects in focus in the photograph, it does not pull the entire weight of the photo to this site. The darker flower cores in the background, which are out of focus because of the very shallow depth of field, create a counterbalance to the flower heart in clearest focus. Also, the photo holds a majority of diagonal lines which imply movement and even growth. Growing and dying is the essential theme of this photo, and the diagonal lines reinforce that.

‘Fall Seeping In’
Color temperature becomes the main design element in this photograph. The red of the tree creates a very warm color, which projects the tree. Also, its singularity, or the break in the pattern of green trees, causes it to become the center of interest. This center of interest is located in the lower right power point. The green trees and the yellow green of the far landscape are cooler colors. These colors recede causing the red to be more prominent. The other small orange tree, the pathway, and the yellow green landscape create secondary focal points, which makes the viewer’s eye travel around the photograph.

‘Beauty in Structural Design’
Reflections play a vital role in the appealing composition of this photo. The surrounding landscape provides an environmental addition to an industrial aspect. The scenery reflection adds dimension, giving the viewer’s eye interesting places to travel. The rich blue expanse of sky reflecting off the intersecting lines of the building create a center of interest in the upper left power point. The pattern of the intersecting lines keeps the eye traveling. Also, the curved lines of the building and the pathway add to the photo. The buildings vertical lines imply strength, but the curved lines add an aspect of gracefulness to the building and its reflections.

‘The Path to Success’
The archway formed by the trees in the upper right power point of this photograph creates an emphasis on the center of interest. Also, the leading lines of the pathway and three street lights reinforce the building and pillar as the main focus. The darkness of the trunks of the trees is balanced out by the interesting texture made by the sunlight through the leaves and the open space in the archway. The diagonal lines of the path and trees imply movement toward the building, which appears strong and powerful due to its vertical lines

‘Lonesome Lime’
This photograph becomes visually interesting through its simplicity. The brightness of the leaves against the darker, out-of-focus background creates spots of interest for the eye. The viewer’s eye moves from the largest leaves, or the center of interest, to the smaller ones. The eye is then lead back up to the larger leaves along the diagonal lines of the twigs. The viewer’s eye is not lost in a complicated background, but can focus on the brighter leaves of the center of interest.


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