November 2, 2007

hallow's eve

Of course, in the spirit of a recently transpired holiday, I had chosen to cooperate with certain traditions that include gourd like vegetables and unique clothing.
Also, my beloved 'other half' had never celebrated said festivities.

In this light, we obtained two 'punkins' to be gutted and designed.

We removed the squishly disgusting insides and chose patterns to apply.
Through lack of adhesive we became resourceful in the ways to secure the cut-outs.

After much concentration and careful application of certain designs.
We lit the candles and voi-la! beautiful jack-o-laterns!

Of course, I also chose to celebrate the tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween.

I celebrated with a fellow roommate and my other friend...
we were a devil, CINDERella, and a kitty-cat.


Happy Hallow's Eve!!!

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