November 2, 2007

hallow's eve

Of course, in the spirit of a recently transpired holiday, I had chosen to cooperate with certain traditions that include gourd like vegetables and unique clothing.
Also, my beloved 'other half' had never celebrated said festivities.

In this light, we obtained two 'punkins' to be gutted and designed.

We removed the squishly disgusting insides and chose patterns to apply.
Through lack of adhesive we became resourceful in the ways to secure the cut-outs.

After much concentration and careful application of certain designs.
We lit the candles and voi-la! beautiful jack-o-laterns!

Of course, I also chose to celebrate the tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween.

I celebrated with a fellow roommate and my other friend...
we were a devil, CINDERella, and a kitty-cat.


Happy Hallow's Eve!!!

October 29, 2007

a 'guilty' pleasure

Long car rides with dull scenery are made infinitely more bearable with music to listen to. The best kind of music, when one is cruising the highway at high speeds, is the music that can be sung from way down deep; the music that you put your whole heart into when you belt it out. I have taken the drive from Aberdeen, South Dakota to Alexandria, Minnesota many times before; it is three hours long, straight, and dull. To pass the time, and make the ride more bearable, I listen to music and sing my heart out.
I never make the drive from Aberdeen to Alexandria without listening to the Rent: Selections of the Original Motion Picture soundtrack. Rent is a Broadway musical that was made into a movie. It is about a group of young musicians who are trying to make it in the slums of New York City, with a cloud of poverty and AIDS hovering over their head. Each and every one of the characters in the musical has an amazing voice, but I swoon every time I hear the voice of Jesse L. Martin, who plays the character of Tom Collins. Although I enjoy nearly all of the song on the seventeen track disc, whenever I put in the CD, I listen to “I’ll Cover You (Reprise),” which features his voice. This song makes the whole soundtrack worth listening to; the tremendous power and beauty it has moves me every time I hear the words. I turn this one up the loudest and belt out the lines I know by heart.
For some, this musical is very difficult to like. Rent is largely based on issues that were very prominent in New York when it was written: drugs, homosexual relationships, AIDS, and making the most when living in poverty. It is not appealing to those you are homophobes or those against expressing different views on problems such as AIDS and drugs. Also, many young people today, although they are willing to accept some of the subjects of Rent, do not find musicals engaging. While these subjects make a certain number of people shy away from the film, I am willing to appreciate or look past them, and recognize how extraordinary the film, and especially the soundtrack, is.
Anyone who appreciates music should try to look past the issues that make the film slightly different. Even if one is unable to stomach the openness of the film, they should experience the marvelous soundtrack to the movie. Beautiful voices and impressive lyrics fill the tracks on this CD and are worth every note, no matter the context. Looking past the things that are different from our own lives and seeing the beauty in the soundtrack is something that can be done. Of course, the best way to listen to the Rent soundtrack, and the song“I’ll Cover You (Reprise),” is with a long drive ahead of you, and nothing to think about but the brilliant music.

September 22, 2007

why'd you have to go!?!

my best friend has left
he's gone back home

he's left his home

why'd he have to leave?

hyltie was my best friend
my boyfriends roommate

when's he coming home?

he's left us

oh, i hope he's super happy
i'm super sad he's gone

everything happens for a reason......


August 22, 2007

how does it happen?

How does it happen that my two very best friends, one from South Africa, the other from South Dakota, have the same birthday?

How does it happen that I will soon be attending college 'A-Town: Residence', and there is a girl that I went to elementary with, also coming here? (I've moved four times since, to three different towns)

How does it happen that I find 6 men, all from South Africa (all stunningly handsome), in a mall (that happened to have tractors in it), in a little empty, 75% flat state, and end up falling in love with one, and befriending another greatly?

How does it happen that I am looking a pictures of an old friend from an old town (A-Town: LakeTown) and see a friend from the new town (A-Town: Residence)? Check it out.
None of them know each other and are at a large gathering called Sonshine.

How does it happen that life amazes me so much???
haha.... It just does.

Whether a higher power, or just mere concidences?
YAY for everything.

August 15, 2007

do a little dance

do a little dance
make a little love
get down tonite (do doo do dooo)
get down tonite

that is my happy song...
its a cheery little snippet...
I like to sing it when I get cheery...
I tend to get that way a lot...

its a wonderful thing... being cheery.
=D <<>
lots of little things make me cheery
like movies
and kisses
and hugs
and pictures
and swimming
and sunshine....

ya know... those types of things

I've seen some movies lately.... No Reservations, Rush Hour 3, The Bourne Ultimatum, Candy, Music & Lyrics, Friends with Money, Accepted, Dude Where's My Car? (don't ask), and many more! (renting movies, and going to the theater... good past time)

this last weekend I took a trip to the local watering hole
(a.k.a. The New and Improved Aquatic Center)

I used an underwater camera!
Pretty awesome stuff...
ch-ch-check it out:

ca-oool huh?
that.... and sunshiney pictures...

they defy gravity!

cool.. well I'm off

Do a little dance make a little love get down tonite (do doo do dooo) get down tonite....

August 8, 2007

here comes the scribe, writing in the white

I start now with speedy fingers.
Can you imagine my excitement?
I have arrived in a portal of anonymous sharing of secrets, feelings, and stories.
What can I bring to the 'table'?

Is there a story I can tell that will move and amuse you?

Maybe there is.

I begin my story here on the something of August... what is today anyway?
On an afternoon of laziness, but now possibility.

I could tell you of my dinner with 6 South Africans last night...................

1. one short, stocky, handsome, loving man (mine): 'NoHawk'
2. one rowdily drunken: 'BJ'
3. one crazy haired considerate and interesting blonde: 'Juzzie'
4. one crude, but only in Afrikaans. He thinks I can't get the jest of what he is saying... I'm no dummy! : 'Hee-who'
5. one the best man I'll ever befriend: 'Hyltie'
6. one stereotypically cruel foreman, who outside of work, is quite surprisely nice: 'Pine'

................but that is only slightly exciting.

I could tell you of tubing and skiing in green water............

My rents, NoHawk, Hyltie, and myself. Spending all Sunday at the lake, the water was so green! Darn dinky dirty dakota lake! (I'm partial to the land of a 10,000).

Wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, swimming, jumping, sputtering, balancing, screaming, splashing, diving, boating.

But we had so fun... what is "in the realm of impossible" difficult?
3 people trying to stand on a tube.

....................that is only slightly exciting also.

So, I don't know what amusing stories to tell you this afternoon, so I leave you now.

With a howdy, and hope this blog starts of well for you and you and you and you.

Is anyone even reading this?
bah hahahaha

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