August 8, 2007

here comes the scribe, writing in the white

I start now with speedy fingers.
Can you imagine my excitement?
I have arrived in a portal of anonymous sharing of secrets, feelings, and stories.
What can I bring to the 'table'?

Is there a story I can tell that will move and amuse you?

Maybe there is.

I begin my story here on the something of August... what is today anyway?
On an afternoon of laziness, but now possibility.

I could tell you of my dinner with 6 South Africans last night...................

1. one short, stocky, handsome, loving man (mine): 'NoHawk'
2. one rowdily drunken: 'BJ'
3. one crazy haired considerate and interesting blonde: 'Juzzie'
4. one crude, but only in Afrikaans. He thinks I can't get the jest of what he is saying... I'm no dummy! : 'Hee-who'
5. one the best man I'll ever befriend: 'Hyltie'
6. one stereotypically cruel foreman, who outside of work, is quite surprisely nice: 'Pine'

................but that is only slightly exciting.

I could tell you of tubing and skiing in green water............

My rents, NoHawk, Hyltie, and myself. Spending all Sunday at the lake, the water was so green! Darn dinky dirty dakota lake! (I'm partial to the land of a 10,000).

Wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, swimming, jumping, sputtering, balancing, screaming, splashing, diving, boating.

But we had so fun... what is "in the realm of impossible" difficult?
3 people trying to stand on a tube.

....................that is only slightly exciting also.

So, I don't know what amusing stories to tell you this afternoon, so I leave you now.

With a howdy, and hope this blog starts of well for you and you and you and you.

Is anyone even reading this?
bah hahahaha


Piny August 8, 2007 at 2:57 PM  

I found your blog and was quite amused throughout. My identity is secret but the truth lies within my name. Please write more, you have my intrest peaked.

SoDak Angel August 8, 2007 at 4:16 PM  

I'm reading! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend....though you are trying to play it off as dull, and un-interesting. Glad to see you in the blogosphere...I look forward to peeks into your life....dull as it is. smooch.

SoDak Angel August 15, 2007 at 2:59 PM  

hey, don't you want anyone to get excited about your life? You gotta write more! Go visit more...then I will put a link to your blog, from my blog....and we can have lot's of fun then. August 15, 2007 at 5:40 PM  

i'm getting there! i'm getting there!

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