January 24, 2008

mundane mononucleosis

Some aspects of my life seem rather normal, and therefore seemingly mundane...
This might to keep my subjects to a minimum...
But today, I am happy to report I will be speaking of some interesting things! haha
Alright, so my life isn't mundane, but here are some fun things going on with me!

Last week,
The family adopted a new member of the family.
My new sister’s name is Cabella.
She is black.
She has four legs…
Not a birth defect…
She’s a puppy!!
Examine the cuteness:

Last month,
After a majority of my many Christmas festivities,
I began to lose my appetite, and get dizzy every night.
Some of my lymph nodes were swollen, and
Thinking it was just a cold, I hoped for it to go away.
It got worse, and I ended up having a fever for 5 days.
(We went out of town; I couldn’t miss Christmas with my mom’s parents!)
And the fever wouldn’t go away!
Went to the doctor, got my diagnosis!

Infectious Mononucleosis:
Also known as ‘The Kissing Disease’
Quite the thing to get when your boyfriend is 13.5 hours away
Hardy har har… but yes… Glandular Fever.
With only one cure: rest.

So my past month has consisted of well… not much.
Doc says no:
Mostly due to the facts that:
Instead of 0% lymphocytes to fight infection,
I was producing 80%.
My liver is tender
My spleen is enlarged.
That rules out a lot: waitressing, working out, running, jumping, playing.
And leaves things like: movies, reading, scrapbooking, and lots o sleep…
Anything with little movement to ensure no spleen bursting.

Although these things seem rather fun in small quantities…
But a month full … rather mundane.
At least the puppy keeps me entertained.

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